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"Thomas Laurance’s extraordinary documentary observes the cultural vibrancy

and solidarity that blossomed on the muddy ground.”

"The volunteers might have insisted that their work is not bound by politics,

yet their empathy remains the most subversive tool in battling draconian ideologies"


Phuong Le, The Guardian


"An essential documentary"

Alasdair McKray, UK Film Review

A remarkable act of bearing witness.

Deeply moving, incredibly powerfulOn Our Doorstep captures the hardship and humanity of the Calais refugee camp with sensitivity and honesty.

And with the increasingly hostile government response to the on-going refugee crisis, we need this film now more than ever”


Juliet Stevenson, Actor & Activist

“On Our Doorstep is an inspiring and galvanising documentary which highlights the power of filmmaking - it seeks to give voice to those often overlooked and continues to be relevant and vital, to those stranded in Calais and to those who want to help”

Rhianna Dhillon, BBC & BFI Film Critic

"The 'Jungle' may have gone, but the flow of refugees hasn't.

We need a film which re-awakes public concern, shows politicians what must be done and helps us all learn from the past. This can be that film "

Christopher Hird, founder of Dartmouth Films

"On Our Doorstep combines visceral present tense footage with a thoughtful reflection on the events of a year in the Calais 'Jungle' from the perspective of refugees, volunteers and activists. The filmmakers tell a story which is both movingly personal and full of insight into the dilemmas faced by those who came forward - in the face of government inertia - to respond to the refugee crisis."

Jerry Rothwell, director of The Reason I Jump

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